Startups and Small Businesses

Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for decades, we have the experience to handle all of your day-to-day needs and to advise you on issues while ensuring our work stays contained to what your business needs.

How do I protect my personal assets from liability?

Setting up an entity is not required to run your business, but is often recommended.  You have build up personal financial and material assets that you do not want to lose should something happen to the company.  Creation of a business entity can provide some protection of your personal assets, and many also provide some advantageous tax benefit.

What is the best entity for my business?

Sorting through the various entities can be confusing.  Knowing the difference between a C corporation, an S corporation, a limited liability company, a partnership, or other entity can help limit your liability, but will have various effects on how you run the company and how it is taxed. No two businesses are alike, and not all entities are right for each business.  By taking the time to understand your unique goals and needs, I can help you sort through the choices to find what works best for you.

How can I best manage my relationship with my partners?

As a small company, the people you bring into your business are critical to its success and the team of founders and other stockholders need to work together to grow the business.  I have advised many companies on working to help structure agreements among the founders that allow for vesting of interests, prevent unwanted transfers of interests, and other matters.  And as you contemplate continuation of the business with the retirement or loss of founding members, I can advise you on strategies for making that process as smooth as possible so that your personal relationships do not fall victim.

When should I seek outside financing?

There may come a time in the life cycle of your business where outside financing is needed.  However, you should not dive into the financing game before you are ready.  Often, taking outside investment comes with a loss of control and autonomy that many entrepreneurs are used to.  There are also some legal risks inherent in the process that you must contemplate before taking that leap.  I have advised both companies and outside investors on when financing makes sense and can help you find the best way to move forward.

How can I sell my business?

I have experience working with clients selling their businesses from small, family-owned operations to large national companies.  I can work with you to help guide you from negotiating and structuring the deal through the diligence process and closing.

For these and other questions, please contact me and we can discuss your business needs.